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Vacuum Cleaner Blues

As someone who spends much of her time removing pet hair from furniture and floors; I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to have the right tools for the job. When first starting my professional residential cleaning service, the Hoover vacuum I had at home, was the one I used. It did an okay job. I found that I was spending most of my time vacuuming the same areas repeatedly and it barely grasped the pet hair. My time would have been better spent elsewhere. I knew I needed a more professional vacuum. At the time, Dyson's vacuums were the highest in consumer ratings.

The Dyson is also a very pricey vacuum. When making business decisions, it only made sense me, to invest in a vacuum that would save me time and energy. I purchased a Dyson Ball Vacuum through HSN on a monthly payment plan. I could not have been happier with my vacuum. It was exactly what I had been needing. It was a heavy vacuum, but, at the time, I thought it would keep me in better shape. Laughing at myself, for lugging this beautiful beast from house to house, and calling it exercise. The suction power and mobility combination decreased the actual time I spent vacuuming. I was ecstatic! I was saving time and energy. Over a few years, I began to fall out of love with my Dyson vacuum. The brush bar had been replaced several times, due to the plastic bristles continuously breaking. It was great that I could replace the parts so easily, but, even the parts were expensive to have to keep replacing. Then one day, in the middle of cleaning my own house, my Dyson just died. I can not even begin to tell you how upset I was. That was almost $800 dead. My beautiful purple beast had died, right before my eyes. Now, I am not sure about most of you, but, I for one do not have that kind of money to shell out over and over again for a vacuum. In my mind, having paid this much money, this vacuum should have outlived me.

I was in a panic as to what to do. I started researching vacuums again. I was determined to find one that did the job as well as the Dyson Ball, but less expensive. I read review after review and sat through one infomercial after another. When all was said and done, The Shark Rotator Pro Performance Lightweight Lift-Away 3in1 Upright Vacuum, was the vacuum I chose. It had great reviews, it was comparably priced and it was lightweight. I was tired of lugging a large, heavy vacuum into all my clients home's. Up and downstairs can get to your back after a while. I purchased this machine, through QVC. They make it less of a burden, on the pocket, by allowing monthly payments.

Let me tell you, I was more than pleased with this vacuum when I received it. It was lightweight, I could convert it to a canister vacuum if I needed. It has a strap on it, too, so it is easy to vacuum stairs and get to those hard to reach areas. The suction was unbelievable. It worked as well as my Dyson. It also came with several tools to make cleaning a breeze. My clients were just as impressed. Several of them bought their own Shark Vacuum. Although, they did get a different model of Shark. Just like me, they were very pleased with their purchase. I have had my Shark Vacuum for almost 2 years now, and I am just as happy with it today, as I was the first day I bought it. I have not had to replace any parts, which I had to do within the first year with my Dyson, and nearly every year after that. While Dyson does make a great vacuum cleaner, I do not recommend it for commercial use.

The Shark on the other hand, has been a great addition, to the tools, I use in my cleaning business. It is bag-less, lightweight, with great suction, easy to clean filters, and not too hard on the pocket. (It was around $200, made easy to purchase in 6 low monthly payments. In case I have not mentioned it, I love QVC and HSN, for buying items, I would not normally be able to afford.) I use The Shark Vacuum in all my clients home. So, it is used several times a day, 5-7 days a week. It has never failed to do the job. The model I chose, has a smaller 'capture canister', I may have to empty it more often in a large home. This is not a problem for me, the canister is easily removed and emptied. For the most part, I only need to empty the canister after each home. The lightweight model is perfect for me. Although, I have used my client's full size model, and I find it to be just as wonderful as mine. So, if you find yourself in need of a great vacuum, that can tackle pet hair and maneuvers easily from carpet to bare floor, Shark has a vacuum product for you.

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